Silver Springs Martin Luther School – Website Redesign
Silver Springs (now Gemma Services) is a school in Plymouth Meeting that caters to children who have experienced challenges in their lives, and provides guided courses and instructors to prepare them for the real world. We were asked to help redesign their website for staff, parents, and prospective students. The challenge was to not only make it attractive, but to make it mobile-friendly, too.
The site was reworked from a basic HTML format to a WordPress format, and used beautiful imagery of the main campus to draw in prospective students. The result is one of my favorite designs I’ve helped with: it’s a clean, friendly design, with plenty of “Donate Now” buttons to help Silver Springs further their mission of providing quality education to children who need it most.
As with Women Leaders in Action, the design is no longer in use, and it appears they’re now managed under a larger umbrella.
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