US Bank – RFPs

U.S. Bank had several Requests for Proposals (RFPs) to many companies, and always asked us to work on these projects. When I was told one of the companies was for Disney, I was immediately excited – my wife and I make it a point to go to Disney World at least once a year, and I’ve become a gigantic Disney fan. 

Instead of offering up bland, staged images, I took a different approach, and implemented colors and designs for the divider pages that will be familiar to anyone. Can you guess which characters I picked?

The biggest undertaking for an RFP, however, was for L.L.Bean, which was undertaken solely by me in January 2017, with massive assistance from the two account directors. Not only was an RFP requested, but we were tasked with “redoing” U.S. Bank’s offices to make it more in-brand with L.L.Bean. This involved fatheads, full-wall photo reproductions, and “earthy” displays and signage, which were handled with aplomb by our outdoorsy Vice Presidents of Production and Creative. I stuck with the design of the 160-page RFP, relevant UX/UI designs (which included app, web, and print), and various ephemera that was an absolute blast to design. All told, it took a gargantuan 80 hours in a week-and-a-half to complete – and that doesn’t include weekends – so imagine my profound disappointment when U.S. Bank didn’t win L.L.Bean’s business.

Lastly, U.S. Bank asked for fresh redesigns of their own RFPs, which I gladly delivered – oddly, I enjoy designing RFPs and presentations, because it gives me control over the look and feel of information, and I love being able to customize a company’s look and make everything look more visually interesting than a simple PowerPoint deck. U.S. Bank asked for two looks: one that followed their brand, and one that didn’t. I made sure to make my options as straightforward and out-there as possible.